dss 2020, dss 2020, language of school education Finnish


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Learning and Communication
Critical Approach to Learning 2
Communication Skills 3
Academic English 1 2
Academic English 2 2  
Swedish, oral proficiency 1.5  
Swedish, written proficiency 1.5  
Individual in the Community 5
Social Security in Finland 5
Local and Global Welfare Policiesh 5
Introduction to Social Work 5
Topical Issues in Social Work 5
Development Across the Life Span 5
Professional Communication in Social Work Practice 3
Work with Young People 3
Community Work Theories and Methods 5
Social and Rehabilitative Services for Adult Population 5  
Disability in Diverse Contexts 4  
Child welfare and Family work 5  
Participatory Group Supervision 3  
Arts-based Methods in Community Work 5  
Expertise in Work with Older People 4  
Substance Abuse and Addictions 5  
Mental Health and Wellbeing 5  
Migration Locally and Globally 5    
Professional Skills for Working in Diversity Settings 5    
Project Management and Innovation 9    
Crisis Work 5    
Civic Action and Participation 5    
Exploitation in a Global Frame 3    
Digital Competence 4    
Management and Leadership 5      
Entrepreneurship in Social Service Sector 5      
Orientation to Finnish Working Life
Orientation to Finnish Working Life 1
First aid skills in social service and community work sector 1
Practical training
Practice in Finnish Working Life
Practice in Finnish Working Life 6
Placement reflection 1
Practice with Diverse Service User Groups 16  
Reflective Workshop 2  
Practice in Diversity Settings 16    
Reflective Workshop 2    
Elective Studies 1 5      
Elective Studies 2 5      
Elective Studies 3 5      
Participatory and Research-Oriented Development 1 3  
Participatory and Research-Oriented Development 2 2    
Participatory and Research-Oriented Development 3 5    
Participatory and Research-Oriented Development 4 5      
ECTS credits per period / semester / academic year 606060606060606060606060606060606060

Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.

dss 2020

Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Social Services 210 ECTS

Basic studies: Languages and Communication 10–15 ECTS, Orientation Studies 2 ECTS
Professional studies: Professional Studies 125 ECTS, Practical Training 43 ECTS
Elective studies: Supplementary professional competences 10–15 ECTS
Thesis: 15 ECTS

The Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Social Services is comprised of three themes:
1. Professional Practice in Community Development and Social Services;
2. Diversity in Communities and Participatory Work;
3. Participatory Development and Innovation.
All studies are closely interlinked with the working life in the social service field. In addition, the degree programme uses participatory methods in which learning and learning tasks serve the development needs of the working life.

dss 2020, language of school education Finnish