Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Interpreting, Sign Language and Interpreting 2011-,


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Learning and the starting points of professional work
Study skills and tools
A week in Sign Language 1
Learning environments and practices 3
Information technology 1
Concept of humanity and cultural awareness
Life course essay 1
Cultural awareness assignment 2
Counselling sessions 1
Family tree in Sign Language 1
The Finnish education system
The education system and the history of teaching the Deaf 2
Professional roles in school 1
Sign Language in the world of school 2
Research and development 1
Literature exam and online course 2
Analysis of research and development texts 3
Swedish, orientation
Swedish, orientation 2
Swedish 2, professional studies
Swedish, oral proficiency 1.5  
Swedish, written proficiency 1.5  
English 1, orientation
English 1, orientation 2  
English 2, professional studies
English, oral proficiency 1.5    
English, written proficiency 1.5    
Language and communication
Expression and Sign Language 2
Written communication 2
Semiotics 1
Working languages 1
Language proficiency 2
General and comparative linguistics 1
Basic Sign Language skills 4
Augmentative and alternative communication methods 1
Field of Sign Language
The Finnish society and the legislation concerning the clientele
The Finnish society and legislation 3
Service environments and society in the Finnish Sign Language 2
Professionals in the field of Sign Language
Professionals in the field of Sign Language 5
Customer groups and communication
General description of customer groups and their communication 5
Communication of the customer groups in Sign Language 5
Working languages 2
Representation in a linguistic form 2
Communication and interaction 2
Seeking a training position 1
Bilingualism and biculturalism
Cultural knowledge
Cultural events 3  
Poster and festive events 5  
Literature essay 2  
Working languages 3
Family events, annual celebrations/Sign Language 3  
Language skills/Sign Language 1  
Family events, annual celebrations and language skills/Finnish 3  
The interpreter's skills
Basic skills of the interpreter
Voice control and presentations 2  
Consecutive interpreting 2  
From text to message 1  
Practical training 1
Practical training 1 3  
Organising of Finnish Sign Language interpreting services
Service systems
The service system and service providers 3  
Signing in working life I 2  
Customer service and ethics 2  
Signing in working life II 3  
Interpreting and working languages
Basics of interpreting
Basics of interpreting 3  
Finnish Sign Language interpretation
Sign Language 1  
Simultaneous interpreting from Finnish Sign Language into Finnish 2  
Simultaneous interpreting from Finnish into Finnish Sign Language 2  
Two-way interpreting 2  
Interpreting with augmentative and alternative communication methods
Communication methods 2  
Interpreting methods 4  
Self-reflection 1  
Practicing the trade
Entrepreneurship 5    
Project studies 1 2    
Project studies 2
Project studies 2 5      
Practical training
Practical training 2 3  
Practical training 3 5    
Practical training 4 5    
Final exams and demonstration portfolio
(Select 7 ECTS)
Final exams and demonstration portfolio 7      
(Select 25 ECTS)
Interpreting in educational situations
The professional in educational contexts
Informing the public about the work of interpreters 1    
Grammar, terminology and ethics 2    
Educational interpretation
Concept hierarchies and extending the vocabulary 2    
Educational interpretation 3    
Exams 2    
Working as a community interpreter
Clientele of inter-language interpreting
Developmental psychology 1    
Using Sign Language with customers of different ages 2    
Interpreting for clients of different ages 2    
Inter-language community interpreting
Text analysis 2    
Interpreting in spritual matters 2    
Interpreting in performing arts 3    
Interpreting dialogue 1    
Communication technology in interpreting 2    
(Select 38 ECTS)
Advanced studies in inter-language interpreting
Advanced studies in inter-language interpreting 1
Advanced studies in inter-language interpreting 1 6      
Advanced studies in inter-language interpreting 2
Interpreting methods, interpreting for the deaf-blind 4      
Guiding and orientation to the environment 2      
Advanced studies in inter-language interpreting 3
Interpreting for the deaf-blind 3      
Working languages 3      
Working life skills
(Select 20 ECTS)
Unionisation and career planning
Labour legislation and trade union 2      
Working life skills 3      
Inter-language interpreting in working life
Interpreting in working life 3      
Working languages 2 2      
Practical training 5
Practical training 5 10      
Research and Development 2
Thesis process 2    
Thesis seminars 3    
Research and development 3
Draft thesis 4      
Serving as the opponent in a seminar 1      
Research and development 4
Submitting the thesis 4      
Abstract in the second working language/communication method 1      
(Select 10 ECTS)
ECTS credits per period / semester / academic year 6060606060606060606060606060606060606060

Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.

Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Interpreting, Sign Language and Interpreting 2011-

  OPI0015A11H Oppiminen ja ammatillisen työn lähtökohdat 15 op
  TUT1005A11H Oppiminen ja ammatillisen työn lähtökohdat 5 op
  Kieliopinnot 10 op: ENL0005A11H Englanti 5 op, RUT0005A11H Ruotsi 5 op

  KIE0013A11H Kieli, kommunikaatio ja viestintä 13 op
  VII0025A11H Viittomakieliala 25 op
  KUK0017A11H Kaksikielisyys ja -kulttuurisuus 17 op
  TOI0008A11H Tulkin toimintavalmiudet 8 op
  PAL0010A11H Tulkkauspalvelun järjestäytyminen 10 op
  TUL0017A11H Tulkkaus ja työkielet 17 op
  AHA0007A11H Ammatin harjoittaminen 7 op
  PROO005A11H Projektiopinnot 2 5 op
  HAO0013A11H Harjoittelut 13 op
  LOPO007A11H Loppukokeet ja työnäyteportfolio 7 op

Vaihtoehtoiset opinnot ja syventävät opinnot
  TOP0010A11H Tulkkaus opetustilanteissa 10 op
  ASI0015A11H Asioimistulkkina toimiminen 15 op
  KIV0018A11H Kielten välisen tulkkauksen syventävät 18 op
  TY0020A11H Työelämävalmiudet 20 op
  KOP0010A11H Kommunikaatiopedagogiikka 10 op
  ASA0015A11H Asioimistulkkaus ja asiakaslähtöisyys 15 op
  KIS0018A11H Kielensisäisen tulkkauksen ja pedagogisten syventävät 18 op
  TY0020A11H Työelämävalmiudet 20 op



Viittomakielen ja tulkkauksen koulutus koostuu lukukausiteemoista, jotka ovat
  1. lukukausi Opiskelu ja työkielet
  2. lukukausi Yhteiskunta tulkin toimintaympäristönä
  3. lukukausi Monikulttuurinen toimintaympäristö
  4. lukukausi Tulkin työelämä
  5. lukukausi Opiskelutilanteet ja tulkkaus tai Opiskelutilanteet ja ohjaus
  6. lukukausi Asioimistulkkaus
  7. lukukausi Kulttuuriympäristöt ja tulkkaus tai Kulttuuriympäristöt ja ohjaus
  8. lukukausi Tutkimus ja työelämä (not translated)

Kiva-valinnan tehneille (not translated)