Promotion of the health and wellbeing of people in danger of marginalisation


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Health promotion and marginalisation
Promotion of mental health in society 5
Promotion of health and wellbeing in anti-marginalization work 5
Multidisciplinary development of services and competences
Methods applicable in social and health services to decrease inequality 5
Development of client-oriented operational models for wellbeing service networks 5  
Evidence supporting leadership and development
Evidence supporting leadership and development 5
Social and health sector expert communication
Social and health sector expert communication, part I 3
Social and health sector expert communication, part II 2  
Research, development and innovation activity
Research, development and innovation methods 5
Data and methods of analysis 5
Leadership and development
Challenges and approaches to leadership 5
Development-oriented leadership 5  
Ethics of wellbeing professions
Ethics of wellbeing professions 5
Thesis I 10
Thesis II 10
Thesis III 10  
ECTS credits per period / semester / academic year 6060606060606060

Studies of syllabus is planned so 60 credits are studied in academic year. Planned syllabus may change during studies.

Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.