Elective and complementary studies

Studies for incoming exchange students - autumn semester



Diak offers studies for incoming exchange students in social services and nursing. All courses for incoming exchange students are taught in English.

The recommended number of credits is 30 ECTS per semester. Nursing students can select social services courses in order to complete enough ECTS credits.

Course schedules will be published in June. When selecting your courses, please make sure that there are no overlaps in your timetable.

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Select according to specific criteria: 0 - 30 cr

EXCH11 Bachelor Courses in Social Services 52 cr
ART0005B20S Arts-based Methods in Community Work 5 cr
CHF0005B20S Child welfare and Family work 5 cr
DIS0004B20S Disability in Diverse Contexts 4 cr
ENT0005B16S Entrepreneurship in Social Service Sector 5 cr
EXO0004B20S Expertise in Work with Older People 4 cr
EXP0003B20S Exploitation in a Global Frame 3 cr
MAN0005B16S Management and Leadership 5 cr
MIG0005B16S Migration Locally and Globally 5 cr
PGR0003B20S Participatory Group Supervision 3 cr
PDI0005B16S Professional Skills for Working in Diversity Settings 5 cr
SRA0005B20S Social and Rehabilitative Services for Adult Population 5 cr
FIN1003B20S Finnish Basic Level 1 A 3 cr
EXCH12 Bachelor Courses in Nursing 28 cr
CLI3005N20S Clinical care III: Anesthesiology and intensive care 5 cr
CLI4005N20S Clinical care IV: Home care and outpatient care 5 cr
CLI5005N20S Clinical care V: Care of women and children 5 cr
ETH0005N20S Nursing ethics 5 cr
FIN0005N20S Nursing Finnish 5 cr
FIN1003B20S Finnish Basic Level 1 A 3 cr