Elective and complementary studies

Pathway studies for upper secondary level students





Select according to specific criteria: 0 - 20 cr

Prerequisite description

Tarkista opintojaksokohtaiset esitietovaatimukset ilmoittautumislinkistä. (not translated)

Further information

Lisätietoa väyläopintoihin ilmoittautumisesta ja aikatauluista (not translated)

VÄY-ALL Recommended pathway studies for all study fields 2 cr
DIO0001A18S Tools for learning 1 cr
OKI0001A21S Getting a grip on writing - towards written communication skills needed in higher education 1 cr
VÄY-SOTE Pathway studies on offer for Health Care and Social Studies 0 cr
YHT3002A20S Disabilities 2 cr
YHT4002A20S Old age 2 cr
YHT5004A20S Mental health and intoxicating substances 4 cr
VÄY-SOTE-VAL Elective studies 0 cr
JIP0003A19S Lead yourself better - Good life coaching 3 cr
LEO0005A18S Nature and Animal Assisted Activities 5 cr
VÄY-SOTE-VAL-VAM Vammaisalan opintoja (not translated) 0 cr
VAM0105A20S Diversity of disabilities and disability work 5 cr
VAM0305A17S Augmentative communication methods and other methods 5 cr
VÄY-SOTE-VAL-KIR Studies in Church Work 0 cr
STY0005A20S The parish as an operating environment 5 cr
DKT1005A20S Theological foundations of diaconia and Christian education I 5 cr
VÄY-SOTE-VAL-MIP Studies in mental health and substance abuse work 0 cr
MIP0105A15S Work with mental health problems of children and young people 5 cr
MIP0305A20S Development of acute nursing of intoxicated patients 5 cr
VÄY-SOTE-VAL-VAR Studies in Early Education 0 cr
VAR0105A20S Basics of early childhood education 5 cr
VDP0005A20S Didactic workshops of early childhood education 5 cr
VÄY-SOTE-VAL-VKP Basic Sign Language skills 5 cr
VKP0103A20S Finnish Sign Language 1 3 cr
VKP0202A15S Culture of the deaf 2 cr
VÄY-HUKA Pathway studies on offer for Humanities and Education 0 cr
VÄY-HUKA-VIP0 Viittomakielen ja puhevammaisten tulkkauksen koulutus (not translated) 0 cr
KIK0105A19H Signs and graphic communication 5 cr
ATI0105A19H Client groups and organisations 5 cr
ETI0105A19H Ethics and professionalism 5 cr
OKO0205A19H Spoken and written communication 5 cr