Studies for virtual mobility - autumn semester



Diak offers online studies for students from partner universities with student mobility agreements.

Course schedules will be published in June. When selecting your courses, please note the time-bound activities (e.g. online workshops).

More information about registration, assessment criteria and grading.






Select according to specific criteria: 0 - 0 cr

EXCHV1M Master courses 30 cr
EVI1105Y21S People-centred evidence-based practice 5 cr
INN1005Y21S Managing change and diversity 5 cr
SUS0005Y21S Sustainable development in communities 5 cr
SOC0005Y21S Social justice from a global perspective 5 cr
ECOSAE Eco-social changes: theoretical frameworks, debates and social initiatives 10 cr
ECO0005Y21S Eco-social Approaches: Theoretical foundations and Controversies 5 cr
SAE0005Y21S Strategic approaches to complex eco-social issues in different contexts 5 cr
EXCHV1B Bachelor courses 16 cr
DIS0004B20S Disability in Diverse Contexts 4 cr
EXO0004B20S Expertise in Work with Older People 4 cr
EXP0003B16S Exploitation in a Global Frame 3 cr
PDI0005B16S Professional Skills for Working in Diversity Settings 5 cr