Elective and complementary studies

Finnish language studies



Do you want to improve your skills in the Finnish language? At Diak you can study Finnish as a second language on several skill levels. You can select courses from basic language skill levels up to those aimed at language professionals.





Select according to specific criteria: 2 - 63 cr

Optionality information

You can use a model study path to search for studies complementary to your own current skill level and enroll to them at a pace suiting your situation. Check the current studies on offer from the Finnish language studies model study path and enroll on Diak's online store for OUAS courses.

Further information

The model study path contains online courses and courses that include lectures on campus. Explore the contents and learning aims of the courses below by clicking on the name on list. Details of the course implementation are confirmed at the time of publication of OUAS study offerings for the semester and you'll find them on Diak's online store for OUAS courses, under the detailed course information.

N.B.: All courses have descriptions in both Finnish and English. Please remember to check the teaching language of the upcoming implementation before enrolling!

AVOIN-KIEMOP-0 Finnish language studies 0 cr
AVOIN-KIEMOP-A Basic language skills (A-levels A1 and A2) 0 cr
FIN1003B20S Finnish Basic Level 1 A 3 cr
FIN2002B20S Finnish Basic Level 1 B 2 cr
FIN3003B20S Finnish Basic Level 1 C 3 cr
SUM3005A21S Finnish, basic level 2 5 cr
AVOIN-KIEMOP-B Language skills of an independent user (B-levels B1-B2) 0 cr
SUM5005A22S Finnish for Working Life 5 cr
FIN0005N20S Nursing Finnish 5 cr
SUM4005A21S Finnish writing course 5 cr
OVA0205A19H Verbal and written communication 5 cr
AVOIN-KIEMOP-C Advanced language skills (C-levels C1-C2) 0 cr
SUO0005A19H Finnish I 5 cr
TYV0105A19H Language knowledge 5 cr
TYV0205A19H Working languages and communication in the education field 5 cr
TYV0305A19H Working languages and communication in social services 5 cr
TYV0405A19H Working languages and communication in healthcare 5 cr
TYV0505A19H Working languages and communication in immigration services 5 cr
TYV0605A19H Working languages and communication in the police and justice sector 5 cr