Elective and complementary studies

AMK Elective and complementary studies, autumn



Elective and complementary studies for students studying in a Degree Programme.

Listed here are the study modules generally organized in the Autumn semester. You can check the upcoming implementations under each module.

Note! Changes are possible.

Note! Despite the English name of the study module the language of instruction might be Finnish. You can check the language of instruction in the additional information of the module.


Select according to specific criteria: 0 - 20 cr

DIO0001A18S Tools for learning 1 cr
EXP0003B20S Exploitation in a Global Frame 3 cr
HYV0005A15S Wellbeing technologies 5 cr
JIP0003A19S Lead yourself better - Good life coaching 3 cr
KVS0002A20S Orientation to international exchange studies 2 cr
KOG0005A15S Cognitive-behavioural methods in working with mental health problems and drug abuse 5 cr
KST0005A23S Basics of school social work 5 cr
KSI0005A20S Crisis support 5 cr
LEO0005A18S Nature and Animal Assisted Activities 5 cr
RST0005A21S Structural Social work 5 cr
SSY0005A22S Understanding sexuality and gender in encounter work 5 cr
VET0000A15S Voluntary work 0 cr
VDP0005A20S Didactic workshops of early childhood education 5 cr
YYO0005H23S Towards expertice for counceling on social enterprises 5 cr
VVOTÄY-SYKSY-LKD Lähetys ja kansainvälinen diakonia (not translated) 8 cr
LKD0103A15S Basics of missiology and international diaconia 3 cr
LKD0205A22S Professional work of the Parish Coordinator for Mission and International Work 5 cr
VVOTÄY-SYKS-VAL Sosiaali- terveys- ja kirkon alan valmentavat kieliopinnot (not translated) 3 cr
VAL0101A15S Preparatory Finnish and Finnish-language communication 1 cr
VAL0202A15S Preparatory English 2 cr
VVOTÄY-SYKSY-VKP Viittomakielen perusteet (not translated) 5 cr
VKP0103A20S Finnish Sign Language 1 3 cr
VKP0202A15S Culture of the deaf 2 cr