Elective and complementary studies

Studymodules in summer



Tästä näet pääsääntöisesti kesäisin toteutettavat opintojaksot tutkinto-opiskelijoille. Opintojakson alta voit tarkistaa tulevat toteutukset.
Huom! muutokset ovat mahdollisia. (not translated)


Select according to specific criteria: 0 - 20 cr

AJA0005A20S Modern interpretations of Christianity 5 cr
DIG0004A20S Digital competence 4 cr
DIO0001A18S Tools for learning 1 cr
GHO0105A20S Gerontological clinical nursing 5 cr
HAN0004A20S Project and entrepreneurial competence 4 cr
KAN0005A20S Civil society and organisation work 5 cr
KSP0105A20S Identifying and treating failures in the vital functions of a critically ill patient 5 cr
KSP0305A20S Observation and medical equipment of a critically ill and perioperative patient 5 cr
KST0005A23S Basics of school social work 5 cr
KRT0005A20S Criminal justice social work 5 cr
MIP0105A15S Work with mental health problems of children and young people 5 cr
MIP0205A20S Methods of mental health support and substance abuse work 5 cr
MMK0005A20S Basics of diversity and multiculturalism in professional work 5 cr
CHI0305A20S Family nursing approaches in the care of children, adolescents and families 5 cr
PHO0305A15S Action-based methods for working with children and young people 5 cr
KESÄENG Englanti (not translated) 3 cr
ENG0101A15S English, oral proficiency 1.5 cr
ENG0201A15S English, written proficiency 1.5 cr
VAL0202A15S Preparatory English 2 cr
KESÄRUO Ruotsi (not translated) 3 cr
RUO2101A20S Swedish, oral proficiency 1.5 cr
RUO2201A20S Swedish, written proficiency 1.5 cr
KESÄSUM Suomi (not translated) 10 cr
SUM4005A21S Finnish writing course 5 cr
SUM5005A22S Finnish for Working Life 5 cr
KESÄYHT YHT opintojaksot (not translated) 10 cr
YHT3002A20S Disabilities 2 cr
YHT4002A20S Old age 2 cr
YHT5004A20S Mental health and intoxicating substances 4 cr
YHT6002A15S Social and health economy 2 cr
KVINT Kansainväliset intensiivikurssit (not translated) 5 cr
ACD0005B22S Asset-based Community Development 5 cr