Elective and complementary studies

Master's Degree, Elective Studies



Students can select elective studies from the professional studies of other Diak Master’s degree programmes (PCC students can also select electives from the other professional track of the PCC programme). Please check that you select studies that are not compulsory studies in your own degree programme (or professional track). The elective studies provided by Diak are listed below.

You can also select elective studies from other Higher Education Institutions in Finland and Diak partner universities abroad.


Select according to specific criteria: 0 - 0 cr

YAMKVVO Diak´s own elective studies in Master´s degrees 0 cr
ECO0005Y21S Eco-social Approaches: Theoretical foundations and Controversies 5 cr
SAE0005Y21S Strategic approaches to complex eco-social issues in different contexts 5 cr
TJT0005Y16S Workplace counselling to support leadership 5 cr
PHT5005Y19S Diverse interaction in palliative care 5 cr
MUUTTUTK Study modules available for elective studies from Master´s degrees 0 cr
MUUTPCC People-Centred and Innovative Leadership in Health Services 0 cr
EVI1105Y21S People-centred evidence-based practice 5 cr
EVI1205Y21S Quality and effectiveness of people-centred practice 5 cr
EVI2105Y21S Service-design in people-centred practice 5 cr
EVI2205Y21S Service-design in integrated health services 5 cr
INN1005Y21S Managing change and diversity 5 cr
INN2005Y21S Leadership and evaluation in health care and social services 5 cr
INN3005Y21S Collaborative leadership 5 cr
INN4005Y21S Leading co-creation 5 cr
MUUTGCC Global Changes and Community Development (not translated) 0 cr
SOC0005Y21S Social justice from a global perspective 5 cr
SUS0005Y21S Sustainable development in communities 5 cr
COM0005Y21S Communities in change 5 cr
MET0005Y21S Methods and practices in community-based work 5 cr
MUUTTERMO Monialainen ja yhteensovittava johtaminen (not translated) 0 cr
MOY1005Y21S Developing integrative support services for clients 5 cr
MOY2005Y21S Management and development of interdisciplinary collaboration 5 cr
MUUTSOSVA Vaikuttava asiakas- ja palveluohjaus sosiaali- ja terveysalalla (not translated) 0 cr
VAP0105Y22S Eriarvoisuus ja osallisuuden edistäminen (not translated) 5 cr
VAP0205Y22S Rakenteellinen työ, yhteisöjen ja verkostojen kehittäminen (not translated) 5 cr
VAP0305Y22S Asiakas- ja palveluohjauksen työkäytäntöjen kehittäminen (not translated) 5 cr
VAP0405Y22S Asiakas- ja palveluohjauksen tuloksellisuuden ja vaikutusten arviointi (not translated) 5 cr
MUUTSOSAY Arvo- ja yhteisölähtöinen työn kehittäminen (not translated) 0 cr
DIA0005Y17S Theology of diaconia and education 5 cr
YTK0005Y17S Development of community-based work methods 5 cr
USK1003Y17S Religious literacy, religious dialogue 3 cr
USK2001Y17S Islamic literacy 1 cr
USK3001Y17S Religious literacy and the media 1 cr
HAE0005Y15S Ethics of wellbeing professions 5 cr
IHM0005Y17S Human dignity, justice and current interpretations of the Christian faith 5 cr
ERI0005Y16S Inequality and the promotion of participation 5 cr