Elective and complementary studies

Optional advanced studies in nursing



Select 30 cr

SYV-SYV Optional advanced studies 30 cr
SYV-KSP0030A20S Nursing of a critically ill and perioperative patient 30 cr
KSP0105A20S Identifying and treating failures in the vital functions of a critically ill patient 5 cr
KSP0205A20S Basics of perioperative nursing 5 cr
KSP0305A20S Observation and medical equipment of a critically ill and perioperative patient 5 cr
KSP0415A20S Nursing a critically ill or perioperative patient - advanced work placement 15 cr
SYV-MIP0030A20S Mental health and substance abuse work 30 cr
MIP0105A15S Work with mental health problems of children and young people 5 cr
MIP0205A20S Methods of mental health support and substance abuse work 5 cr
MIP0305A20S Development of acute nursing of intoxicated patients 5 cr
MIP0415A20S Advanced work placement in mental health and substance abuse work 15 cr
SYV-GHO0030A20S Gerontological nursing 30 cr
GHO0105A20S Gerontological clinical nursing 5 cr
GHO0205A15S Culturally sensitive geriatric nursing 5 cr
GHO0305A20S Health technology in gerontological nursing 5 cr
GHO0415A20S Gerontological nursing - advanced work placement 15 cr
SYV-CHI0030A20S Child, adolescent and family nursing: advanced studies 30 cr
CHI0105A20S Health promotion in chronic illness with children, adolescents and families 5 cr
CHI0205A20S Specificities of clinical care for children and adolescents 5 cr
CHI0305A20S Family nursing approaches in the care of children, adolescents and families 5 cr
CHI0420A20S Clinical nursing with children, adolescents and families: advanced clinical placement 15 cr
SYV-PRO0030A20S Professional work in the global context 30 cr
PRO0102A20S Foundations of Global Health, Wellbeing, Responsibility and Sustainable Development 2 cr
EXP0003B20S Exploitation in a Global Frame 3 cr
PRO0205A15S Promotion of health and wellbeing 5 cr
PRO0305A15S Optional elective studies 5 cr
PRO0415A20S International Practical Placement 15 cr