Elective and complementary studies

Elective studies in English





Select according to specific criteria: 0 - 0 cr

ENGBAC Bachelor's Degree, Elective Studies 0 cr
MSW005A15S Multicultural social work 5 cr
ACD0005B22S Asset-based Community Development 5 cr
DOM0005A20S Domestic Violence 5 cr
LST0105A21S Trauma orientation in child protection 5 cr
ENGMAS Master's Degree, Elective Studies 0 cr
ECO0005Y21S Eco-social Approaches: Theoretical foundations and Controversies 5 cr
SAE0005Y21S Strategic approaches to complex eco-social issues in different contexts 5 cr
SOC0005Y21S Social justice from a global perspective 5 cr
SUS0005Y21S Sustainable development in communities 5 cr
COM0005Y21S Communities in change 5 cr
MET0005Y21S Methods and practices in community-based work 5 cr
EVI1105Y21S People-centred evidence-based practice 5 cr
EVI1205Y21S Quality and effectiveness of people-centred practice 5 cr
EVI2105Y21S Service-design in people-centred practice 5 cr
EVI2205Y21S Service-design in integrated health services 5 cr
INN1005Y21S Managing change and diversity 5 cr
INN2005Y21S Leadership and evaluation in health care and social services 5 cr
INN3005Y21S Collaborative leadership 5 cr
INN4005Y21S Leading co-creation 5 cr