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Diak offers studies for incoming exchange students in social services and nursing. All courses for incoming exchange students are taught in English.

The recommended number of credits is 30 ECTS per semester. Nursing students can select social services courses in order to complete enough ECTS credits.

Course schedules will be published in November. When selecting your courses, please make sure that there are no overlaps in your timetable.

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Sisällön valinnaisuus

Valitaan erillisten kriteerien mukaan: 0 - 0 op

EXCH21 Bachelor Courses in Social Services 61 op
CWT0005B20S Community Work Theories and Methods 5 op
DEV0005B20S Development Across the Life Span 5 op
MEN0005B20S Mental Health and Wellbeing 5 op
PCO0003B20S Professional Communication in Social Work Practice 3 op
SUB0005B20S Substance Abuse and Addictions 5 op
TOS0005B20S Topical Issues in Social Work 5 op
WYO0003B20S Work with Young People 3 op
CRI0005B16S Crisis Work 5 op
EXP0003B16S Exploitation in a Global Frame 3 op
OFI0101B20S Orientation to Finnish Working Life 1 op
PMI0009B16S Project Management and Innovation 9 op
SAP0005B16S Social Action and Participation 5 op
ESK0004B16S E-Skills 4 op
FIN1003B20S Finnish Basic Level 1 A 3 op
EXCH22 Bachelor Courses in Nursing 15 op
SOC0005N20S Society and legislation 5 op
CLI2005N20S Clinical care II: Medical and surgical care 5 op
HEA0005N20S Health care and health promotion 5 op