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CHI04HS22OUL Clinical nursing with children, adolescents and families: advanced clinical placement (15 cr)

Code: CHI0415A20S-3002

General information


01.03.2022 - 18.03.2022


29.08.2022 - 18.11.2022

Number of ECTS credits allocated

15 op

Mode of delivery

Contact teaching



Teaching languages

  • English

Degree programmes

  • BA in Health Care


  • Sini Hiltunen


  • I47sh


At the end of the practical training the student is expected to
• Plan, deliver and evaluate evidence-based clinical nursing with children and adolescents according to ethical and economic principles
• Discuss challenges and potential health and wellbeing risks relating to health promotion with children and families
• Work in various family nursing settings in compliance with ethical and professional standards, the values of family nursing, children’s rights, privacy legislation and applicable regulations
• Develop professional competencies in dealing with families from different and individual backgrounds and in different, individual life stages and settings
• Anticipate, identify and analyse factors that can promote families’ inclusion or exclusion, and support and guide families in using multiple services
• Independently administer prescribed medical care under supervision
• Is able to use technological applications and is able to analyze ethical principles related to using technology in care of clients / patients
• Perform professional nursing roles in multi-sectoral and multidisciplinary practice

Teaching methods

advanced clinical placement


Can be found in Diakle -platform.

Employer connections

The internship can be completed in a variety of child, adolescent and family care settings where nurses work.

EU directives:
The internship is carried out in an environment where the goals of the internship competence are possible to achieve.

Partly in Diak’s projects.

Student workload

15 ECTS = 400,5 hours.

The number of training hours includes the orientation / planning, implementation and evaluation of the training in different ways


Suitable for nurses, public health nurses and midwives to specialize and update their competence, or for a student in a Bachelor’s Degree Program in Health Care who has already completed the relevant basic professional studies (The care of children, youth, and families -studies) in their own degree program. A prerequisite for proceeding to the advanced studies is approx. 120 completed credits or other specific reason which has been discussed and agreed with the study guidance counsellor. For Open UAS students’ mastery of the equivalent knowledge (comparable study module of another UAS or adequate work experience as a nurse).

Further information

Applicable for social services and health care UAS students who have completed their previous studies of the topic.

CHI04 practical training can only be delivered after all previous practices has been approved.

Assessment methods and criteria

The practical placement is evaluated passed/ failed.

Read about the assessment criteria at Diak: