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HAR6HS22HKI (SHD) Clinical work placement in child, adolescent and family nursing (8 cr)

Code: HAR6008A20S-3004

General information


01.03.2022 - 18.03.2022


26.09.2022 - 04.11.2022

Number of ECTS credits allocated

8 op

Mode of delivery

Contact teaching



Teaching languages

  • Finnish

Degree programmes

  • BA in Health Care, Diaconal Nursing


  • Elina Pettinen
  • Pirkko Natri


  • A49shd


- know how to consider the significance of diversity, multiculturality and life situation of children, adolescents and families in health promotion and guidance
- know how to apply the basics of medical nursing in the nursing of children and adolescents typical to the operating environment
- know how to observe infection risks in the work placement environment and work in an aseptically correct way
- know how to identify risks in the pharmacotherapy process and act according to their responsibility
- execution of pharmacotherapy through various routes of administration
- monitoring and recording the effects of pharmacotherapy, pharmacotherapy review and assessment
- drug and medication safety
- know how to support the adolescent and their family to utilise online self-care methods to support their self-care of diseases and rehabilitation
- know how to identify the need for early invention in the child’s, adolescent’s and family’s life and use early-intervention and empowering working methods
- know how to identify threats and characteristics of disadvantage and marginalisation in children, adolescents and families and act according to the principles of brotherly love and ethical principles
- know how to identify the need for emotional and spiritual growth and support in children and adolescents and apply methods of assisting interaction and spiritual nursing in the care relationship
- know how to support relationships and parenthood
- know how to guide adolescents and their family to use appropriate social services and healthcare and third-sector services
- know how to use the technological tools and applications used in child, adolescent and family nursing in an ethical and customer-oriented manner
- know how to assess the phase of their professional growth and present development challenges in child, adolescent and family nursing

Evaluation scale