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EXPVS24DIAK Exploitation in a Global Frame (3 op)

Toteutuksen tunnus: EXP0003B20S-3006

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01.03.2024 - 18.03.2024


09.09.2024 - 10.11.2024


3 op


3 op




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  • Englanti


0 - 50


  • Degree Programme in Social Services


  • Katja Päällysaho


  • Diak
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The students will be able to:
• understand various processes behind global forms of exploitation
• analyse local and global factors affecting exploitative practices
• understand the relevant legislation and policies
• utilize the networks of different actors tackling different forms of exploitation in work with service user groups


• Processes behind global forms of exploitation
• Factors affecting exploitative practices
• Legislation and policies
• Networks of actors tackling various forms of exploitation


During this online course, students get familiar with different forms of human trafficking as a form of exploitation and the processes behind them. Various types of human trafficking are analysed locally and globally, and relevant legislative and policy frames are introduced. Some networks and service providers are introduced.

Ways of learning: orientation, 3-phase individual assignment, independent studies and supervision.

Orientation and supervision are held in Zoom as in schedule.

Students get access to next assignment once the previous once has been completed. The assignments form an interesting learning entity. Study material is provided for each assignment.

Attendance to the orientation is compulsory in order to start the course. Supervision is voluntary.

Aika ja paikka

As in schedule:

Toteutuksen valinnaiset suoritustavat

Alternative way of completing the study module is only possible upon specific circumstances/criteria (i.e. sickness etc.). Personal reasons such as travel and work are not considered as acceptable criteria.
Alternative way of completing the study module must be agreed with the responsible teacher and/or study guidance counselor two weeks before the beginning of the study module the latest.
The alternative way of completing EXP study module is individual assignment.

Opiskelijan ajankäyttö ja kuormitus

1 ECTS is equivalent to 27 hours of study.

Sisällön jaksotus

- Orientation
- Supervision
- 1st assignment: Test on understanding exploitation
- 2nd assignment: Case study on human trafficking
- 3rd assignment: Reflective discussion on activism and advocacy work
- Study material is provided for each assignment.

Lisätietoja opiskelijoille

The study module requires skills to use Diak´s online learning area.
Diak guidelines are followed in AHOT / RPL process.
No previous studies are required.


AHOT 5/2021: Voidaan ahotoida vain, jos opiskelijalla on aikaisempi sairaanhoitajan tutkinto tai vastaavilla sairaanhoitajan tutkintoon johtavilla korkeakouluopinnoilla. 

Arviointimenetelmät ja arvioinnin perusteet

Each assignment is assessed: Resubmit / pass
Each assignment has own assessment criteria, which are accessible in Diakle.
The assessment is based on the middle phase learning (semesters 4-6) of Diak assessment criteria.