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PRA2HS24HKI Clinical practice: Internal medicine and surgical care (15 op)

Toteutuksen tunnus: PRA2015N20S-3006

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01.03.2024 - 18.03.2024


01.08.2024 - 31.12.2024


15 op






  • Englanti


  • Degree Programme in Health Care, Nursing


  • Riikka Tuominen
  • Suvi Vierelä


Competency aims:
After finishing the course the student
• Has the competence to take care of the patients basic needs
• Have developed his competence to care for the internal and surgical patients

Learning outcomes:
General for every practical training
• Understand the documentation and the importance of continuity of patient care
• Use different health care recommendations and manuals in support of their activities and learning
• Develop their ethics and can identify, analyze and reflect on ethical problems
• Have basic skills to relates to the patient’s basic care area, such as the patient personal hygiene, nutritional supply or condition and observation of the patients vital life functions
• Understand the importance of patient and drug safety
Internal medicine
• Understand the role of the nurse in multiprofessional cooperation in the care of internal medical patient
• Understand the meaning of drug treatment for patients with internal medical diseases
• Know how to care for parenteral patients fluid and drug treatment
• Understand the inpatient care nature and form an overall picture of care process
• Can according to the patient’s health and symptoms choose and perform appropriate care activities
• Understand the importance of patient guidance and practice to handle it in different situations
Surgical care
• Understand the role of the nurse in the professional cooperation in care of surgical patients
• Can implement the surgical patient’s basic care
• Know the main drug groups and their indications/contractions in the care of surgical patients
• Can judge the condition of the patient, both clinically and with the help of observations instruments
• Understand the actions that are being taken at the ward, be able to prepare for the interventions as well as assist with these
• Understand the care and prevention of pain and nausea with medical and non-medical methods
• Can guide and inform the patient before, during and after surgery


Course contents:
• Practical training according the instructions given


To be eligible for enrollment in this course, the student must have accomplish the course:
- Clinical care II: Medical and Surgical care
-Clinical care III: Clinical care III: Anesthesiology and Intensive Care